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Let’s be honest, organizing a wedding is hard! Sometimes it’s all you can do just to make sure you get your family and friends there on the day without going completely insane! The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is stressing about over whether or not your venue will be right, whether there will be enough catering and what the weather will do to your day (sorry we can’t control that!).

Rest assured, if you’re looking for a Houston Tx wedding venue near you, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed and provided extensive info on all the different types of weddings you can imagine!


Boho Chic Wedding Houston Tx

One of the most popular wedding styles in Houston at the moment is Boho. Let you’re inner spirit free and embrace natural materials and textures. We have a host of Boho wedding venues in Houston that will be absolutely perfect for you. They have amazing services and many beautiful custom made boho materials that will make your day unique.


How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Sometimes just starting is the hardest part (or maybe you started before you even found your partner!), but lets get through the basics of finding a wedding venue in Houston.


Check The Venues Credentials:

The most obvious thing to check first, is does that venue have experience? There’s nothing wrong with finding a new modern wedding venue that everyone is talking about of course, however established venues know exactly what, where and how to manage a wedding. It’s this experience that counts on the day and allows things to flow smoothly.


How Many Guests Does The Venue Cater For?

New assume, always ask. A wuick call to every venue you are considering just to check whether they’ll accept your numbers is always a good idea. This can be helpful early on just to rule out some places that you may have been a bit iffy on. Every venue has a minimum and maximum guest number requirements. Some venues may even have a minimum spend and minimum guest amount to even book, something like minimum of $5000 and minimum guests of 50. So if you want a small wedding venue in Tx, this could rule you out.


Is The Wedding Venue Adaptable?

You’re unique and your wedding should be too! Knowing what you can and can’t do at your particular wedding venue in Houston can make the difference on the big day.

For instance, are you allowed to change the decor, add in ceiling installations, backdrops and lighting? If you have any special ideas of plans that you want to bringin to the venue, make sure you ask straight up.

It could be very disappointed if you have a prize ornament of chandelier that you’d like to bring in and you can’t.


Which Supplier Does The Venue Use?

Can you bring your own supplier to your Houston wedding venue? If not, who does your venue use and where can you get information about them. It’s always best to be able to choose your own supplier and be able to tailor your wedding to your own liking.


Is The Venue Accessible?

We’ve all got a few family members who aren’t spring chickens any more. It’s important to check the venue for any difficult areas to access. If there are any family member sin wheelchairs, you need to be assured they can access all of the spaces that will be used by other guests during the day.


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“The weather waster perfect and the catering was beautiful. Your venue was the perfect spot for my wedding and matched us so well. I think I may love your venue more than my husband! – Kara”

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